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Kimochi Lounge
Kimochi Lounge was opened as our first agency site in 1971. It was created as a meeting place where the Issei (first generation Japanese Americans) could rest, relax, get the latest news in the community, meet friends, and have tea.

Kimochi Lounge currently houses a book and video library for seniors. Arts and crafts made by our seniors are also available for sale from this location as well as Kimochi logo products. This is also the agency's new information and outreach site where seniors and families can get resources to help them remain independent and active at home. Information is available on the following: Nutrition, Health, Legal Aspects of Aging, Family Caregiving, and Housing.

Kimochi Lounge
1581 Webster Street #202
Japan Center Building (foot of bridge)
San Francisco, CA 94115

Basil Lee, Information and Referral Worker
(415) 563-5626 • Fax (415) 931-2299

気 持 ラ ウ ン ジ


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