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Mary Ishisaki’s Legacy Gift to Kimochi, Inc. and
San Francisco Japantown Foundation

Mary Ishisaki, longtime community supporter, businesswoman and philanthropist, recently announced a generous legacy gift to Kimochi, Inc. and the San Francisco Japantown Foundation. The gift is a property located on the Buchanan Mall in San Francisco’s Japantown, to be shared equally by the two community non-profit organizations.

“My late husband, Ben and I purchased the property to save it from a tax sale with the intent that it eventually be gifted to the community. We strongly believed this legacy gift be shared equally between Kimochi, Inc. and San Francisco Japantown Foundation. Each of their missions promote and preserve the specialness of our Japantown community – Kimochi through its culturally-sensitive programs and services to our Bay Area seniors which allow them to live with dignity and independence, and the Japantown Foundation for its support of cultural, community and educational activities through its annual grants program.”

Mary Ishisaki also serves on the Board of Directors for both organizations and knows intimately of their service performance, integrity and commitment to mission. Mary has also been an active volunteer with Kimochi for over 25 years. Says Ishisaki, “This gift is from our hearts – and it was Ben and my hope that it inspires others to remember the organizations that do so much for our community and to give with an open heart.”

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