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Kimochi Legacy Society
Leave Your Legacy and Ensure Kimochi’s Future

Planned Giving Has Impact
Your gift will help ensure Kimochi’s programs and services are accessible to seniors now and into the future. A contribution to Kimochi through planned giving allows us to develop long-term strategies, knowing we have a baseline of guaranteed funding.

Benefits to you and Kimochi
Kimochi Legacy Society planned giving may be a valuable option for you to increase your income, reduce taxes, including those on your estate, and provide for the future of your heirs.

Of course, we are happy to accept outright gifts of cash, stocks, bonds, real estate and automobiles. But here’s why you may want to consider planned giving. When you include Kimochi in your estate plan, you can combine your desire to support our work with your overall financial, tax and estate planning and legacy goals.

Among the ways to give
• Include Kimochi in your will or revocable trust
• Designate Kimochi as a beneficiary of your retirement account, IRA, 401(k), 403(b) or pension
• Name Kimochi as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy

Benefits to your estate
• A charitable deduction
• Reduced estate tax burden on your family
• A lasting legacy for your family

Charitable Remainder Trust
• Create an irrevocable agreement to generate a  potential income stream for you or your beneficiaries, with the remainder of the donated assets eventually going to Kimochi
• May include assets such as a home, land,  business property, stocks and more

Benefits to your estate
• Steady income to you or your designated beneficiary
• Potential immediate charitable tax deduction
• Effective way to diversify assets
• Significant capital gains tax deferred  or avoided on highly appreciated assets like stocks and real estate

Retained Life Estate
• Donate all or a portion of your residence or vacation home, but retain use of the property while you live (you continue to maintain the home and pay taxes, insurance, etc.)
• At the death of the final owner of the estate, proceeds from the sale of the property goes to Kimochi

Benefits to your estate
• Allows you to maintain the same lifestyle
• Donor receives income tax benefits in the year of the gift

Kimochi’s Legacy Society donors receive
• Recognition in Kimochi's administration building with other members of the Legacy Society
• Periodic updates from Kimochi's executive director
• Priority notification and registration to future estate planning seminars and events
• Recognition in our newsletter

A planned gift to Kimochi does more than recognize the importance of Kimochi’s mission today. A gift in your estate also supports Kimochi’s vision for the future needs of seniors in our community.

For more information, contact
Executive Director Steve Ishii at (415) 931-2294.
This year Kimochi began highlighting our Kimochi Legacy Society donors in our newsletters. Read about their history and committment to the Kimochi organization (click photo to read article).

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