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Created by "Kimochi" or "feeling" for elders, Kimochi, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides culturally sensitive care for seniors primarily serving the Japanese American community.

Kimochi Kai, as it was largely known in the early days and is still referred to by some, began in 1971 when Sansei (third generation Japanese Americans) began helping the Issei (first generation Japanese Americans) in San Francisco's Japantown. These Sansei realized that because of language and cultural barriers, the Issei were not able to utilize mainstream services. They helped seniors providing them with information and assistance in applying for government and health benefits and offered transportation services and walking escorts to make sure seniors could leave and return safely to their homes. This younger generation's commitment to the Issei's care and well being inspired the formation of Kimochi, Inc. as a multi-service senior service organization.

Today, the spirit of "kimochi" – appreciation for the Issei and Nisei generations' sacrifices and hardships--is integral to Kimochi's philosophy of care for the elderly. Today, the agency is focusing on developing services to meet the emerging needs of Sansei (third generation Japanese American) baby boomers.

At Kimochi, Inc. "feelings" for our elders – respect, gratitude, and love – are expressed through services that enable each generation to age with dignity, pride, support, and friendship.


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