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Kimochi Directory
1715 Buchanan Street, San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 931-2294 • fax (415) 931-2299

  Steve Ishii, Executive Director
Diane Noguchi, Assistant to Executive Director
Shawne O’Connell, Director of Programs
Kelly Lem, Assistant to Director of Programs
Rod Valdepenas, Controller
Dorothy Gin, Payroll Manager
Sakura Suzuki, Administrative Manager
Debbie Yee, Administrative Assistant
Gigi Huie, Administrative Assistant
Aki Akiyama, Receptionist
Riyo Kunisawa, Receptionist

1715 Buchanan Street, San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 931-2294 • fax (415) 931-2299

  Grace Hulleza, Club Nikkei Coordinator
Rich Tokeshi, Club Nikkei Driver

1715 Buchanan Street, San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 931-2275 fax (415) 931-229

  Yumi Berman, Social Services Coordinator
Katherine Xiong, Case Manager
Hyunhee Lee, Case Manager
Hiromi Ejima, Nihonmachi Terrace Social Worker
Yoshimi Higuchi, Nihonmachi Terrace Social Worker

1840 Sutter Street # 101, San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 931-2287 fax (415) 931-2299


Kai Fukumitsu, Senior Center Coordinator
Ogee Fairy Erana, Senior Center Assistant
Natalia Covacha, Nutritionist
Kazumi Sumi, Head Cook
Melody Liu, Assistant Cook
Russell Obana, Kitchen Prep Cook
Dave Sugaya, Home Delivery Driver
Gustavo Cardoza, Dishwasher
Xiao Fan Mo, Dishwasher

Ryan Kobayashi, Transportation Coordinator
Carlos Osorio, Paratransit Driver
Craig Ikuma, Paratransit Driver

1531 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 922-9972 fax (415) 922-6821

  Linda Ishii, Administrator
Debbie Hsieh, Adult Social Day Care Coordinator
Sandy Ishii, Adult Social Day Care Assistant
Dorcas Hautea, Care Manager
Tsoodol Altantuya, Resident Assistant
Bolormaa Bayarmagnai, Resident Assistant
Hiromi Cardoza, Resident Assistant
Kayo Hasekura, Resident Assistant
Mercedes Hernandez, Resident Assistant
Yoshimi Higuchi, Resident Assistant
Sara Matsuzaki, Resident Assistant
Shine Nasan, Resident Assistant
Yumie Ono, Resident Assistant
Michiko Turks, Resident Assistant
Guadalupe Gutierrez, Janitor

1581 Webster Street # 202, San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 563-5626 fax (415) 931-2299

  Basil Lee, Information and Referral Worker

453 N. San Mateo Drive, San Mateo, CA 94401
(650) 388-7130 • fax (650) 340-0256

  Linda Ishii, Administrator
Bhawana Shah, Care Manager
Terue Shinohara, Support and Wellness Manager
Greg Hamaguchi, Head Cook
Tomoko Ogawa, Assistant Cook
Rodrigo Enriquez, Home Delivery Driver
Racquel Alesna, Resident Assistant
Myrna Bagus, Resident Assistant
Alicia Fontanilla, Resident Assistant
Leslie Halaapiapi, Resident Assistant
Anacorita Smith, Resident Assistant
Seforsa Tavuki, Resident Assistant
Myrna Torio, Resident Assistant
Clara Vibar, Resident Assistant


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